The ex-husband was shocked when he heard that Chau Hai My had passed away 2The ex-husband was shocked when he heard that Chau Hai My had passed away 2

(Dan Tri) – The news that Chau Hai My passed away at the age of 57 is currently the top news in the Chinese entertainment industry.

On the evening of December 12, Chau Hai My’s management company confirmed that the famous actress passed away due to illness.

Chau Hai My’s sudden passing made many people sad.

Chau Hai My and her first husband, Lu Luong Vy, once had a love story that made the entire Chinese entertainment industry support (Photo: Sina).

Many viewers admitted that they were shocked and did not dare to believe that `Chu Chi Nhuoc` had passed away forever.

Actresses Truong Van Tu and Tran Phap Dung both posted messages in memory of Chau Hai My: `Wish you a better journey`, `May you rest in peace, no longer tormented by illness`.

Lu Luong Vy – Chau Hai My’s ex-husband – also attracted attention when writing: `I can’t calm down after hearing this news. Thank you for bringing so many good things to the world. I hope you continue to

The actor was also one of the first stars to express condolences and cry for Chau Hai My’s passing.

Chau Hai My met Lu Luong Vy when they co-starred in the movie Little Island of Wind and Cloud.

After 3 years together, they registered their marriage in Las Vegas (USA) but this marriage only lasted a few months.

After the divorce, Chau Hai My and Lu Luong Vy still considered each other colleagues and friends and continued to cooperate.

The ex-husband was shocked when he heard that Chau Hai My had passed away

Lu Luong Vy is one of the first artists to post condolences to Chau Hai My’s family (Photo: HK01).

However, later love affairs could not make the beauty give up her declaration of not getting married or having children.

Many years later, the cause of Chau Hai My and Lu Luong Vy’s marriage breakdown was gradually revealed.

Currently, the keywords `Goodbye Chu Chi Nhuoc`, `Chau Hai My passed away`, `Chau Hai My’s last appearance`… are popularly searched on the social network Weibo (China).

TVB television station, where Chau Hai My was discovered and developed her talent, also expressed deep condolences and sent condolences to the actress’s family.

According to Sina, Chau Hai My’s last appearance before her death was at a propaganda program to protect pandas in Sichuan (China) in November. A few days ago, she still shared her activities on Facebook.

Chau Hai My is a star of the Chinese entertainment industry.

In middle age, she still acted in films but only in supporting roles.

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