Why were Russian air defense forces instructed to be ready for combat? 0Why were Russian air defense forces instructed to be ready for combat? 0

On the morning of February 8, the Russian Ministry of Defense suddenly instructed the Russian air defense force to perform a combat readiness mission.

NATO soldiers in Lithuania on February 7.

Previously, on February 7, about a few hundred German soldiers arrived in Lithuania to join the multinational army deployed here by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

This is one of four troops deployed by NATO to Lithuania and three other countries.

At the end of January, less than a week after Donald Trump officially took office as US President, NATO announced the dispatch of 1,200 soldiers to Lithuania’s Klaipeda naval base to reinforce the Eastern flank.

Responding to NATO’s move, the Russian Ministry of Defense on the morning of February 8 instructed the Russian air defense force to carry out combat readiness tasks.

“Combat orders are fully implemented.

Earlier on the morning of February 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the country’s military to carry out the highest combat readiness mission.

`The air force must pay special attention to combat warnings, quickly deploy air defense systems and gather air combat power to expel the enemy in times of war,` Minister Shoigu emphasized.

Although it did not state the reason why Russia held the surprise exercise at this time, according to Western media, this move was related to the US sending weapons to Estonia and a series of actions against Russia.

Along with the above strengths, Russia’s combat readiness is also rated much higher than NATO’s.

Meanwhile, the combat readiness of NATO troops is extremely weak.

In recent times, the relationship between Russia and NATO is still in the most serious confrontation period ever since the crisis in Ukraine broke out.

This is a move that goes against the commitments that the North Atlantic military alliance made in the Russia-NATO Bill, which stipulates that NATO is not allowed to deploy a significant number of soldiers to the territories of these countries.

Moscow was very angry and said that the US-led coalition was trying to `encircle` Russia.

Despite the tension, US President D.Trump’s stance has made many scholars expect the possibility of turning the situation in a more positive direction.

The real estate billionaire also expressed stances that are very `agreeable` with Russia on many issues such as NATO and the European Union (EU).

According to Ngoc Ha

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