Iran is becoming a `big man` in the Middle East 0Iran is becoming a `big man` in the Middle East 0

(Dan Tri) – Iran’s latest series of attacks against Israeli targets and the Islamic State group (IS) is showing Tehran’s growing position in the Middle East, while America’s influence gradually declines.

Iran possesses the most diverse missile force in the region (Photo: Twitter).

The incident of the Iranian Guard on the night of January 15 suddenly attacking and destroying the Israeli intelligence headquarters in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region of Erbil, Northern Iraq, with ballistic missiles has caused concern in the Central region.

In a statement, Iran said the attack was in response to Israel’s actions.

A day earlier, Iran also used a number of ballistic missiles to attack a number of bases of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) in Syria in response to the terrorist attack caused by IS, which caused

Experts say that with the above series of attacks, Iran is showing its growing position in the Middle East, in the context of US influence gradually weakening.

According to experts, the first of many US-led airstrikes against Iran-backed Houthi forces in Yemen marks another terrifying milestone in a long series of policy failures by the US.

The fact that the US, backed by the UK, was forced to use force to respond to Houthi attacks on shipping activities on the Red Sea reflects an unacceptable reality: Washington’s political leverage is weakening,

This escalation of tensions and no end in sight highlights another reality: The dominant power in the Middle East is no longer America, Egypt, Saudi Arabia or even Israel but Iran.

US President Joe Biden faced a wave of criticism when he quickly pledged unconditional support for Israel in response to the coordinated attack by Hamas on October 7, 2023 and vetoed the United Nations’ ceasefire plans.

All of that becomes a `launching pad` for Iran.

Iran is becoming a `big man` in the Middle East

Smoke rose from an attacked building in Irbil, Iraq on January 16 after Iran’s attack (Photo: AP).

It can be seen that in more than 3 months of Israel attacking Hamas, forces such as Hezbollah and pro-Iranian militia groups in Syria, Iran has still refrained from making hot moves.

In addition to this statement of protest, Iran has now begun to take a more drastic step: simultaneously launching missile attacks on Syria and Iraq.

Current reality shows that the relationship between Iran and other major countries such as China and Russia is increasingly tightening, which is a factor helping Iran to be more drastic in its actions.

Experts say that after 45 years of trying, Iran has finally become a `big guy` in the Middle East.

Clearly, the US, UK and Israel face a formidable opponent.

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