Iran warns of attack scenario on Israeli nuclear facilities 0Iran warns of attack scenario on Israeli nuclear facilities 0

(Dan Tri) – Iran warns that it will attack Israel’s nuclear facilities if Tel Aviv takes similar actions against Tehran.

A missile launch during Iran’s 2016 military exercise (Photo: PressTV).

Brigadier General Ahmad Haqtalab, commander of the Nuclear Central Protection and Security Corps of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), warned on April 18 that any aggressive action by Israel against Iran will

Speaking to Tasnim news agency, he affirmed that Iran is ready to repel any Israeli attack on Tehran’s nuclear facilities.

In addition, he said, in response to potential threats from Israel against Iran’s nuclear facilities, Tehran could also review its nuclear policy.

For many years, Iran’s leadership has stated that it has no intention of building nuclear weapons and that Tehran’s development of atomic energy is for peaceful purposes only.

`If Israel attempts to use the threat of attacking Iran’s nuclear centers as a means to pressure Tehran, then Iran could reconsider its nuclear doctrine and policy, potentially

Mr. Haqtalab accused Israel of having long posed threats to Iran, including sabotage.

`From the beginning, Iran was ready to counter threats from Israel. Thanks to the use of passive defense plans as well as the most modern weapons, thanks to the dispersion of nuclear facilities throughout Iran

Mr. Haqtalab emphasized Iran’s compliance with international principles governing the protection of nuclear facilities, and emphasized the nation’s readiness to counter any attack.

Tensions between Iran and Israel have escalated since April 1 after Tehran accused Tel Aviv of attacking Iran’s diplomatic facility in Syria, killing 7 senior members of the IRGC.

On April 13, Iran launched a large-scale attack campaign, launching more than 300 UAVs and missiles into Israel.

Tensions risk escalating further as the Israeli cabinet is discussing plans to retaliate against Iran.

Since 2022, Iran has announced that it possesses the technology to make a nuclear bomb  but has no plans to do so.

In 2023, the US predicted that Tehran could produce enough nuclear material for a bomb within weeks and would need several months to turn it into a bomb.

In May 2023, Israel accused Iran of preparing materials to build five nuclear bombs, warning that this development would have serious consequences for the Middle East.

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