Ukraine's big risk after receiving tanks and air defense shields from the US 0Ukraine's big risk after receiving tanks and air defense shields from the US 0

(Dan Tri) – The US transferred a series of modern weapons to Ukraine but did not have any plans to repair and maintain them, a development that could put Ukraine in a difficult position to operate long-term.

Abrams tanks are one of the modern weapons that the US has provided aid to Ukraine (Photo: Reuters).

Pentagon Inspector General Robert P. Storch admitted that the US does not have a comprehensive plan to maintain, service or repair the tanks, armored vehicles and air defense systems that Washington has provided to the Ukrainian military.

He warned this could pose a risk `to Ukraine’s ability to fight effectively using US-supplied equipment, as well as the Department of Defense’s readiness to address security threats.`

In two reports published earlier this week, Mr. Storch revealed that the US has transferred 186 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and 189 Stryker infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), 31 Abrams main battle tanks and a number of

According to inspectors, the US Department of Defense did not have a comprehensive plan to maintain any of those weapons.

In addition, according to the report, all weapon systems are taken from US military warehouses `without restriction`.

One official told inspectors that if the situation continues, the Department of Defense could be forced to choose between sacrificing Washington’s military readiness and increasing its capabilities.

The US military industrial complex is having difficulty producing replacement weapons systems sent to Ukraine due to lack of components, production lines or trained personnel.

The report said that the US priority in recent times has been to send weapons to Ukraine as quickly as possible, other issues related to maintenance plans have therefore not received enough attention.

An official working at US European Command warned inspectors that `the current model will not be sustainable or effective in the long term`.

Mr. Storch concluded: `The Ministry of Defense provided Ukraine with armored vehicles and air defense systems without a plan to ensure their long-term use.`

`Although the Ministry of National Defense is working to develop such a plan, the lack of foresight in this matter is worrying,` he said.

According to Mr. Storch’s report, the US military sent `limited spare parts, ammunition and maintenance support` and `did not coordinate or align those efforts into a comprehensive plan`.

What was sent included some supplies and spare parts for field maintenance, as well as parts based on US experience operating weapons systems in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

Previously, military experts warned that Ukraine could face a `logistical nightmare` when receiving too many weapons from the West.

For example, Ukraine is having difficulty lacking a series of components to repair the German-made Leopard 2 tanks that the West donated.

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