American newspaper: Russian super tank T-14 Armata is a `paper tiger`, unable to go into battle in Ukraine 0American newspaper: Russian super tank T-14 Armata is a `paper tiger`, unable to go into battle in Ukraine 0

(Dan Tri) – Russia’s T-14 Armata super tank, often considered a qualitative leap, has encountered disadvantages that make people doubt its ability to deploy and fight in Ukraine.

Super tank T-14 Armata made by Russia (Illustration: Telegram).

Mr. Sergey Chemezov – General Director of Russia’s state-owned industrial corporation Rostec – emphasized that the high cost of the T-14 Armata tank is the main factor hindering the production and widespread deployment of this vehicle, especially

With fewer than 50 produced compared to the original target of 2,300, and amid unverified claims of combat deployment, the T-14’s future appears uncertain.

Despite its advanced design and features, such as an unmanned turret and enhanced crew safety, its performance remains hypothetical.

The decision to prioritize more cost-effective alternatives such as the T-90 tank highlights Russia’s defense procurement strategy, which is plagued by financial constraints and the practicalities of strategic warfare.

The Russian army’s T-14 Armata is considered by the Kremlin to be one of the most advanced main battle tanks (MBTs) built to date.

Previously, Mr.  Chemezov, told Russian state news agency RIA Novosti on March 3 that the T-14 Armata would not be deployed to Ukraine, due to high costs limiting their production on a large scale.

`In general, the Armata is a bit expensive,` he said. `Functionally, of course it is much superior to existing tanks, but it is so valuable that it is difficult for the current army to use it.

The head of Rostec also proposed that the Kremlin needs to increase investment in other military assets.

He added: `Now we need money to create new tanks, new weapons, maybe cheaper ones. So if there is an opportunity to buy cheaper ones, why not?`

American newspaper: Russian super tank T-14 Armata is a `paper tiger`, unable to go into battle in Ukraine

Russian T-90M Proryv tank (Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense).

Super tank T-14 Armata: Cannot go to Ukraine

According to the US National Interest magazine, the Russian military initially planned to buy up to 2,300 T-14s between 2015 and 2020, but so far only less than 50 have been produced.

According to information from Defense Blog, although Russian media previously claimed that the T-14 was deployed in combat operations in Ukraine last year, there is no concrete evidence to support those claims.

It is also unlikely that any T-14s will be sent to the front lines, even if some units in combat are said to be equipped with the advanced platform.

`The 1st Guards Tank Group is expected to receive the T-14 Armata in 2021, however, it is highly unlikely that any front-line units have already received them. The next generation tank line has been recorded

`To date, it is almost certain that the T-14 Armata has not been deployed to Ukraine. This is most likely due to the potential reputational risk of losing a `prestigious` vehicle in combat.

According to data from Kiev, Russia may have lost up to 6,648 tanks since it conducted a special military operation in Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

American newspaper: Russian super tank T-14 Armata is a `paper tiger`, unable to go into battle in Ukraine

T-14 Armata tanks parade on Red Square, Moscow, Russia (Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense).

Super tank hype?

First demonstrated during the Victory Parade in May 2015, the T-14 Armata was noted for its modern design, in contrast to previous Russian and Soviet tanks.

Among the much-touted features is the unmanned turret, which includes a remotely controlled 125mm 2A82-1M smoothbore main gun with a fully automatic loading mechanism.

Armata also has a low center of gravity to reduce exposure to enemy fire, increasing the safety and survivability of the 3-person crew.

It can also be argued that no weapon is as heavily advertised as the T-14, it just cannot meet the requirements.

By 2024, it became clear that the T-14 had never been deployed to Ukraine.

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