Ukraine admits disadvantages, reveals `final option` 0Ukraine admits disadvantages, reveals `final option` 0

(Dan Tri) – Kiev has no choice but to launch attacks inside Russia, the Guardian quoted the leader of Ukrainian military intelligence as reporting.

Ukrainian soldiers fighting on the Eastern front (Photo: New York Times).

In an interview with the Guardian newspaper (UK), the leader of Ukraine’s military intelligence agency (GUR) on April 3 frankly admitted Kiev’s desperate military situation.

GUR Brigadier General Dmitry Timkov said Ukraine’s condition was like a patient requiring life support.

`We still have ‘enough medicine to maintain life’. However, if the West wants us to win, we need full aid,` Mr. Timkov admitted, referring to the amount of military aid.

Major General Vadim Skibitsky, deputy leader of the GUR, commented that Ukraine cannot win on the battlefield at this time, even though Kiev always wants it.

According to the Ukrainian general, they `have no other choice` but to launch attacks inside Russian territory, including on oil infrastructure, as Kiev’s army continuously faces defeats.

GUR officials also claimed Ukraine carried out a series of recent drone attacks on Russian oil infrastructure.

The Guardian also quoted unnamed senior Ukrainian intelligence officials as saying that the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence Agency is preparing a plan to destroy the Crimea bridge in the near future.

`We will do it in the first half of 2024,` the Ukrainian intelligence source said.

The source added that Ukrainian defense intelligence already has `almost all the means to achieve this goal`.

According to the source, Western weapons could allow Ukraine to destroy the bridge more easily.

The head of Ukraine’s defense intelligence is acting according to a plan approved by President Volodymyr Zelensky to `minimize` Russia’s military presence in the Black Sea, the source said.

Details of Ukraine’s plan are currently unknown.

The Crimean peninsula was annexed by Russia in 2014 after a controversial referendum.

The 19km long bridge connecting mainland Russia with the Crimean peninsula was inaugurated in 2018 and became the longest bridge in Europe.

In October 2022, a bomb attack on the bridge caused two spans of the Crimea bridge to collapse.

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