Huynh Anh is `entangled in a love triangle` with Le Bong and Minh Thu on a Vietnamese primetime movie 2Huynh Anh is `entangled in a love triangle` with Le Bong and Minh Thu on a Vietnamese primetime movie 2

(Dan Tri) – Huynh Anh, Le Bong and Minh Thu first teamed up and created a love triangle in a Vietnamese primetime movie on VTV.

The story of a love triangle full of contradictions between young people, with their identities hidden for many years, will be in 40 episodes of Missed Date with Green Day.

The film revolves around three main characters: Duyen (Tiktoker Le Bong), Hiep (Huynh Anh) and Giang (Minh Thu).

Huynh Anh – Le Bong were paired for the first time in the primetime movie `Missed appointment with blue day`.

The film marks the return of director Tran Hoai Son (White Collar, Last Sun, Seasons) after many years of absence.

His career concerns and concerns are expressed by a young cast of people who have made more or less an impression such as: Huynh Anh, Minh Thu or completely new faces with VTV dramas such as

The male director shared: `In this film we want to bring the story of young people. They have a passion for architecture, their aspirations in life and the emotional relationships between the three main characters.

After Black Medicine, Huynh Anh returned to the small screen of VTV and continued to play the male lead role.

Sharing with Dan Tri reporter about the role of Hiep, Huynh Anh said, this is a young architect, well-trained abroad.

`He has difficulties in his daily life. In the movie, there will be episodes that force him to choose between his career life and his love path.

I also had quite a headache choosing an image for the character Hiep.

Huynh Anh is `entangled in a love triangle` with Le Bong and Minh Thu on a Vietnamese primetime movie

Huynh Anh and Minh Thu are paired together for the first time in a movie (Photo: VFC).

When asked about his co-stars, Huynh Anh said: `Le Bong and Minh Thu are very young but both have talent so we have no difficulty combining.`

As for Le Bong, her character Duyen is a mountain girl who is passionate and desires to build community houses for children in the highlands.

Missed appointment with green day also refers to a `trendy` issue of young people, which is the desire to determine their own value and create values for society.

Each person has their own path, some are right, some are wrong, but through it, viewers can see the beautiful image of today’s young people – a generation that dares to think, dare to do, and dare to be responsible to the community.

Besides the career story, the family story is also a very important part of the film.

In addition to the three young actors, the film also has the participation of veteran artists such as Meritorious Artist Mai Nguyen and Meritorious Artist Quach Thu Phuong.

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