Vietnamese-origin parliamentarians contribute to promoting Vietnam-US relations 0Vietnamese-origin parliamentarians contribute to promoting Vietnam-US relations 0

(Dan Tri) – Vietnamese-origin lawmakers in the US emphasized the importance of promoting bilateral relations and preserving national culture in the Vietnamese community.

Vietnamese-origin lawmakers in Washington state during an exchange on the afternoon of April 8 (Photo: Thanh Dat).

On the afternoon of April 8, the US Embassy in Vietnam held a discussion on the topic `Honoring the Asian American community in the US` with the participation of Vietnamese-origin lawmakers in Washington state.

At the exchange, the parliamentarians highlighted the potential for cooperation between the two countries in all fields, and emphasized the importance of promoting Vietnam-US relations for the benefit of the two countries’ people, especially after

`I think there are many common values that Washington state and Vietnam can share, in terms of economic development, climate change, technology, education. These are all issues that both sides care about.

`Our purpose in this visit is to engage with the Vietnamese side to discuss how we can become better partners… We want this to be an opportunity for us to learn together.`

According to parliamentarians, the Vietnamese community in Washington has made positive contributions to promoting Vietnam-US relations, while preserving Vietnamese culture and origins in an open society like the US.

Ms. My Linh Thai, a member of the Washington state House of Representatives, said she was very proud of the Vietnamese community in the US, as well as their contributions to the US in particular and the bilateral relationship between Vietnam and the US in general.

`I am very proud of them. They are teachers, firefighters, politicians, judges. They are also volunteers, doctors, nurses and psychologists. They are involved in all fields

`I think their greatest contribution to American society is the thousand-year cultural heritage of the Vietnamese people, which is deeply imprinted in everyone’s heart… That connection makes us always want to

The exchange took place during the visit to Vietnam of a delegation led by the Washington State Governor’s Office including about 46 leaders of business, government, ports, industry and education.

The trade delegation’s visit will take place from April 8 to April 12.

The visit will focus on enhancing trade and cooperation opportunities in advanced technology sectors such as agriculture, clean energy and artificial intelligence.

The visit of the Washington state research and trade delegation follows President Joe Biden’s visit in September 2023 and the two sides upgraded their relationship to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.

Vietnam is among Asia’s fastest growing economies with a number of advanced processing industries headquartered here.

The United States and nine international partners have established the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) with Vietnam in 2022, providing investment and technical expertise to help Vietnam transform its energy sector and achieve

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