Mr. Trump refused the offer to visit Ukraine 0Mr. Trump refused the offer to visit Ukraine 0

(Dan Tri) – Former US President Donald Trump said that visiting Ukraine at this time is inappropriate because he is not in office.

Former US President Donald Trump (Photo: Reuters).

`Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky did not approach us. And former President Trump made it very clear that visiting Ukraine at this time is not appropriate because he is not the US Commander in Chief,` Mr. Trump’s campaign said today.

However, in reality, US presidential candidates often travel abroad to promote their foreign policy views.

Up to now, Mr. Trump still refuses to visit Ukraine even though President Zelensky has repeatedly invited him to come to the country to witness the war situation here with his own eyes.

In an interview with German newspaper Bild on April 9, Mr. Zelensky said he had persistently tried to reach Mr. Trump.

`We have been in contact through the appropriate people. We said we want Mr. Trump to visit Ukraine, see the situation with his own eyes and come to his own conclusions. In any case, I am ready to meet

He repeatedly asserted that the peace plan proposed by Mr. Trump was unrealistic.

`If the deal is that we just give up our territory then that’s a very crude idea. I need stronger arguments. I don’t need great ideas. I just need a real idea

The Ukrainian leader affirmed that he was willing to listen to Mr. Trump’s proposals, but also emphasized that if the proposal simply included land concession terms in exchange for cessation of hostilities, it would only ¬†open the way for more conflicts.

Mr. Trump is currently firmly nominated to represent the Republican Party to run for president of the United States next November.

He repeatedly stated that he could end the conflict in Ukraine within 24 hours if elected president.

In an interview with Reuters last June, Mr. Trump said that the Kiev government may have to cede some territory to Moscow to end the conflict.

Last week, the Washington Post newspaper quoted well-informed sources as saying that Mr. Trump plans to end the Ukraine conflict by pressuring Ukraine to give up the Crimea peninsula and the Donbass region in the East.

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