4 reasons Mr. Trump can be re-elected as US president next year 04 reasons Mr. Trump can be re-elected as US president next year 0

(Dan Tri) – Former US President Donald Trump has a better chance of returning to the White House than at any time since he left office in 2021, Reuters said.

Former US President Donald Trump (Photo: Getty).

Despite the troubles blocking his path to returning to power at the White House again, former US President Donald Trump is still showing himself to be the Republican Party’s brightest candidate for this position.

The support of a large number of voters

Data from national opinion polls show that Mr. Trump is leading his internal Republican opponents by about 50 percentage points.

President Biden’s administration released numbers to prove its argument that the US economy remains in good shape.

However, the majority of the public, including many voters of color and young voters, do not think so.

In particular, when talking about economic issues, Donald Trump’s Republican Party wins a certain amount of trust from voters.

Fear factor

Mr. Trump also reflected concerns, whether real or not, that many white Americans face in an increasingly culturally diverse country.

In addition to the economic aspect, immigration issues and rising crime rates also make American people uneasy.

Mr. Trump is very good at exploiting those fears.

Many voters still support Mr. Trump

While critics in the Republican party, Democrats and the media believe that Mr. Trump is not suitable to become president, millions of voters do not agree with this view.

Even many supporters believe that Mr. Trump is a political victim.

Furthermore, Mr. Trump can also invoke his four years in office to argue that the government apparatus has largely functioned normally although at times chaotically, and that accusations against him such as collusion with Russia are

Mr. Trump can blame Mr. Biden

Despite massive government investments in infrastructure, clean energy and chip manufacturing, the White House has been unable to convince much of the public that Mr. Biden’s job-creating policies have made a difference.

In addition, the conflicts in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip also divide American voters.

However, all of this does not mean that Mr. Trump is certain of winning next year’s presidential election.

In many places in the United States, Mr. Trump is still unpopular.

At that time, if he is chosen as a candidate to represent the Republican Party, this could attract a high percentage of Democratic voters to vote against him.

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