People's Artist Thu Ha's `little tam` face-off scene on the primetime movie attracted millions of views 17People's Artist Thu Ha's `little tam` face-off scene on the primetime movie attracted millions of views 17

(Dan Tri) – The segment of Ms. Ha Lan (People’s Artist Thu Ha) confronting and teaching An Nhien (Luong Thu Trang) in episode 9 of the movie `Heart Rescue Station` is causing a fever on social platforms with millions

Specifically, in episode 9 aired on the evening of March 27, Ms. Ha Lan called An Nhien to her house to teach her a lesson after learning that the female psychiatrist intentionally sent her a recording.

Previously, An Nhien made the audience angry when she took advantage of the opportunity to heighten the conflict between mother and daughter Ha Lan and Ngan Ha (Hong Diem) to achieve her own goals.

An Nhien’s plan was seen through by Mrs. Ha Lan. Although on the surface she seemed to hate her daughter, Mrs. Ha Lan did not want her to be hurt by others.

Excerpt from episode 9 of the movie `Heart Rescue Station` (Video: VTV).

Facing An Nhien, she took off her mask with sharp words: `There’s nothing good about a person like you like your name An Nhien. Looking at your face, you can see that it exudes an uneasy look.`

Next, she warned An Nhien: `First, no matter how bad the relationship between my mother and I is, no outsiders should interfere. Second, I remind you, don’t play tricks on me or this family member.`

When she saw that her opponent still seemed to be unyielding, Ms. Ha Lan used harsher words to confront her: `Before you go to treat other people, you should cure anger, jealousy, and profanity.`

An Nhien was `speechless` at this time, stood up and wanted to leave, but Mrs. Ha Lan did not allow it and continued to add more expensive lessons.

`Before you go home, I have to teach you a lesson on behalf of this society that your parents at home have not taught well.

There are 4 things in this world you should never eat.

The above excerpt quickly reached millions of views after just a few hours of being posted on VTVGo with hundreds of comments from the audience.

Most of them expressed their gloating and enjoyment after Ms. Ha Lan’s poignant teaching conversation: `It touches the ears, it penetrates the heart. Gentle yet poignant`;

In particular, People’s Artist Thu Ha’s performance with her cold facial expression and eyes, not showing any signs but still showing fear and authority in every word, won a rain of compliments from the audience.

`What a veteran artist. Excellent facial expressions, voice, and expressions`;

Sharing with Dan Tri reporter about the `fever-inducing` movie excerpt, People’s Artist Thu Ha said that to others it could be stronger and more formidable, but she chose to act with emphasis on dialogue and sentences.

`Fortunately, Luong Thu Trang interacted and acted with me in that scene very well – seeing Trang’s face, I already hated it, so it helped me have emotions and express them more realistically. At one point, I even told her

Sometimes I love Trang very much, but I really think that an actor’s happiness is to best portray the personality and image of the character: happy to be happy, sad to be sad and hate to hate.

People’s Artist Thu Ha’s performance was praised (Photo: Screenshot).

Previously, the female artist revealed that she felt too pressured because she played the role of a harsh and harsh mother to her daughter.

Sharing about the process of playing this special role, People’s Artist Thu Ha said, the character Ha Lan in the film has very difficult scenes, when the hatred in the heart of the betrayed woman is always overwhelming.

She said that before each scene, she was under a lot of pressure. Many scenes had to show the character’s hidden heart as well as the outward appearance of the character, which was very terrible.

`The highlight of this character is the hatred towards his biological daughter. Right from the beginning of the film, there were family problems that led to hatred between mother and daughter. How to express bitterness at the same time?

When I’m stressed, I forget that the character is crippled and forget about the cane.

Because I’m still used to seeing myself on screen in saintly, gentle roles.

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