People's Artist Trung Anh was hated in the VTV movie: `It doesn't matter if the audience curses me` 3People's Artist Trung Anh was hated in the VTV movie: `It doesn't matter if the audience curses me` 3

(Dan Tri) – The male artist said that being an actor is `being the bride of hundreds of families`, whether the audience hates or `stones` is each person’s own reaction.

In the movie Us 8 years later shown on VTV, People’s Artist Trung Anh plays Mr. Quang – Duong’s father (played by Huyen Lizzie). His role is considered different from the roles of austere, hard-working fathers.

In this film, the male artist plays a rich father, but has difficulty in his journey to get back the daughter he abandoned many years ago.

Recently, on many movie fanpages, many audiences `booed`, reacted strongly, and even said they hated People’s Artist Trung Anh because he twice affected Duong’s love life.

In `Us 8 years later`, People’s Artist Trung Anh and Huyen Lizzie play father and daughter (Photo: VTV).

Sharing with Dan Tri reporter, People’s Artist Trung Anh said that it was not the first time the audience reacted to his roles, he considered it normal and did not care much.

`Even when I played the role of Mr. Son in the movie Come Home, Children, there were people in the audience who scolded me. But it doesn’t matter if the audience scolds me because out of 9 people, there are 10 opinions. My job is to do my roles well.

Accordingly, during the introductory meeting between Duong and his son and Tuan’s family (played by Duc Hieu), a rare incident occurred when Tuan’s aunt (artist Thu Ha) accused Mr. Quang of killing her husband.

Mr. Quang was surprised when Tuan’s aunt raised her voice.

Before that, Mr. Quang himself also caused Duong’s relationship to break down.

Sharing about his role in Us 8 years later, People’s Artist Trung Anh said that this is one of the few films in which he plays a rich person because in previous roles, he often played poor roles.

`This is also what attracts me to this character. It is something different from the roles I usually do. The role is challenging and also gives me a certain interest in finding the character of Mr. Quang.

Mr. Quang will go through many ups and downs, even falling into extreme poverty.

After retiring, People’s Artist Trung Anh was quite busy. In addition to working on film projects, he also taught at Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema.

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