What did Nhan Phuc Vinh say about the news of being favored at the VTV Awards 2023? 6What did Nhan Phuc Vinh say about the news of being favored at the VTV Awards 2023? 6

(Dan Tri) – Actor Nhan Phuc Vinh said he once doubted himself when he missed the `Impressive Male Actor` award at VTV three times.

On the evening of January 1, the VTV Awards 2023 – VTV Impressions 2023 ceremony took place in Hanoi with the participation of many artists and actors from both North and South regions.

In the end, the person honored in the Impressive Actress category was Meritorious Artist Kieu Anh for her role as Phuong in the movie My Family Suddenly Happy.

Next, Nhan Phuc Vinh was named in the Impressive Male Actor category for his role as Quan in the movie Don’t Make Mom Angry.

Sharing with Dan Tri reporter, Nhan Phuc Vinh said that the award is very meaningful to him, because this is the affection of the Northern audience for his journey to the North.

The actor added that when he was young, when he first started his career, the awards helped him become more confident in his artistic path.

`I used to doubt myself, whether that step was right or not? This is the 4th time I have been nominated for the Top 3 of the VTV Awards, but this time I got to hold the trophy for impressive male actor.

Nhan Phuc Vinh on stage receiving the `Impressive Male Actor` award at VTV Awards 2023 (Photo: Luong Duy Tien).

When asked: Many people think that your victory in the Impressive Male Actor category did not convince many audiences compared to the two nominated actors, Meritorious Artists Hoang Hai and Trong Lan. What do you say about this?

Nhan Phuc Vinh said: `We do art, which is a qualitative job, not a quantitative one. If there are conflicting opinions, that is normal. When we grow up, we will understand what is the truth.`

The actor also refused to answer when asked about his being favored at the 2023 VTV Awards.

During the 4 years he went to the North to make films, Nhan Phuc Vinh spent 3 years living in the capital.

Nhan Phuc Vinh said that when he first came to Hanoi to work, he encountered many difficulties and pressure, but when he adapted to the environment in the North, he had a lot of life experience and better acting skills.

`I have adapted here in terms of culture, cuisine, traffic… I like dishes in Hanoi such as vermicelli noodles, vermicelli noodles, grilled fish… I like the cold of Hanoi.

However, I have not yet decided whether I will be here for a long time.

According to Nhan Phuc Vinh, many people call him `turtleneck` Vinh because he often wears this type of shirt in movies.

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